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Carve Out Right of First Refusal, Right of First Offer to Get Space You Need

July 31, 2018    

The economic downturn several years ago changed the commercial real estate market in many ways, most notably, in tenants’ need for space. Some tenants turned to trying to profit from online sales, which saved money on rent for physical space. Office tenants also tried to shore up losses by...

Protect Interests When Subletting with Broadly Defined ‘Costs’

July 31, 2018    

Subletting can be a useful solution for tenants that are trying to cut costs and don’t need all of the space they’ve leased. A considerable amount of available commercial space is sublet, particularly in office buildings. And tenants that sublet their space may recoup a profit, in...

Negotiating 'Partial Invalidity' Clause for Changed Circumstances

July 31, 2018    

Q: I’m considering leasing space on the first floor of a mixed-use building that includes residential units. I’m concerned that if zoning laws change, I won’t be able to operate my business, but will still be on the hook for...