Q & A

Notice Requirements for Ending Month-to-Month Tenancy

May 21, 2009    

Q When a commercial tenancy runs month-to-month, with no lease, is it still is necessary to give advance notice of the intent to vacate?

A Yes. The specifics about such notice depend on state law. For...

Is Tenant Responsible for Removing Fixtures?

March 25, 2009    

Q About six years ago, I bought a business whose owner also owned the building and was in the process of selling it to a third party at the time of our transaction. I signed a five-year lease that the third-party purchaser eventually assumed.


Dealing with Inflatable Signs Protected by Free Speech

February 22, 2009    

Q Six months ago, I moved my business to a partially renovated building in lower Manhattan. Last month, when I arrived to open up one morning, there was a huge, 15-foot “rat” balloon out front and a group of men in hardhats passing out...

Ask for Modifications Before Signing “Green” Lease

January 1, 2009    

Q After being in the same building for almost 15 years, I've decided to downsize my business and move to a smaller space. The owner that I'm currently working with has embraced the energy conservation movement and wants to revise the standard...

Q & A: Defining ADA Responsibility in Lease

June 30, 2008    

Q I plan to lease space in an office building. I know that under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), buildings open to the public must...

Preparing for Risk of 'Eminent Domain'

April 30, 2008    

Q After searching for some time, I've recently found new office space for my consulting business that will be closer to my clients. But I've heard rumors that the building may be taken over by the government through “eminent domain....

Limiting Tenant's Liability for Owner-Caused Damage

March 1, 2008    

Q My commercial lease contains language that makes me, the tenant, responsible for damages the owner suffers as a result of any party's actions—even third parties, such as contractors. Is this legal, and if so, are there any damage...