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European Mall Operator Banks on Luxury Mall Success in U.S.

December 22, 2017    

The typical American shopping mall landscape has changed drastically—and for the worse—in recent years, in large part because nearly every item sold from a traditional brick-and-mortar store can be purchased online. Consumers who would rather devote time to things other than driving...

Report: Tenants Can Position Themselves Well in 2018’s Changing CRE Market

November 30, 2017    

Finally, after years of fluctuations that only sometimes favored the commercial real estate market, experts have predicted that slow and steady progress will rule the day—at least for 2018. Accounting firm giant PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) have put out...

Report: Tenant Demand Grows for Reconfigured Former Box Store Space

October 31, 2017    

As online shopping has become ubiquitous over the past several years, with e-commerce giants like Amazon offering seemingly every product under the sun and with free delivery for subscribers, retail tenants that have set up shop in centers and malls have suffered from sales slumps, more or less...

'Professional Tenants' Changing CRE Office Operations, Leasing Landscape

July 31, 2017    

Shared office space began several years ago as a way for sole proprietors, start-ups, freelancers, and telecommuters to get commercial space that fit their needs but was affordable with no long-term or expensive commitment. Now, it has exploded, as shared office space companies have expanded...

Economists: CRE Industry Stays Steady through 2019

May 31, 2017    

A new three-year economic forecast from the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate predicts that the U.S. economy and commercial real estate industry are, in general, expected to experience moderate growth through much of 2019. The ULI Real Estate Consensus...

Traditional CRE Model Turned on Head by Emerging Trends

June 29, 2016    

A new report from the organization Counselors of Real Estate details the top issues it says are affecting the commercial real estate market. It notes that disruption of the traditional setup and purpose of shopping centers is a top concern. Changes are sending some retailers into a headspin to...

New Standard for Measuring Office Space Takes Effect

December 16, 2014    

The International Property Measurement Standard for Offices (IPMS for Office Buildings) took effect last month, creating a uniform method for measuring property globally. By replacing dozens of standards around the world, the new standard is expected to eliminate confusion, inconsistencies, and...

NYC Aims to Protect Small Tenants During Lease Renewals

September 26, 2014    

The commercial real estate industry is up in arms over a New York City Council bill that aims to change the city’s commercial lease renewal process. One effect of the proposed Small Business Jobs Survival Act would be the creation of a new city-supervised mediation program for lease...

Owner-Skewed Leases Lead to Mall Tenant Lawsuit

August 25, 2014    

Disgruntled tenants at a Virginia mall are learning the hard way that agreeing to an owner’s lease provisions that put the entire cost and obligation to repair on tenants isn’t working out. While it’s not typical for an owner to put all of a property’s upkeep requirements...

Online Retail Growth Hinges on Brick-and-Mortar Locations

July 31, 2014    

The costs and effort involved in leasing and operating a storefront location aren’t cheap—but they’re worth it. A report from Moody’s Investor Services brings good news for online retailers with a physical store presence in the United States: Brick-and-mortar locations...

Survey: Falling Rates Spark Rising Optimism

June 27, 2014    

A new PwC survey of real estate investors in the second quarter of 2014 brings good news all around for the CRE market. The consulting firm’s forecast says that investors expect positive trends to continue in the commercial real estate industry for the rest of 2014—despite...

Country's Tallest Building Falls Short on Rental Rates

May 30, 2014    

One World Trade Center rents have been cut by as much as 10 percent as office leasing activity is still slow in what was once anticipated to be a very popular location for New York City tenants.

A slow economic recovery has created a market that isn’t strong enough for One WTC to...

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