Troubled Businesses Wait for Checks from BP

June 14, 2010
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BP, the oil giant responsible for the worst oil spill in U.S. history, says that 20,000 of the 42,000 claims filed by businesses that have been affected by the spill have been paid. But many retail tenants and restaurants are still waiting for relief while they are struggling to stay afloat. Some tenants are being reimbursed by BP for only a small percentage of the damage that they reported on their claims.

Hotels, restaurants, machine shops, bars, and tour companies are among the many businesses to be affected by the spill, and are the most vocal in reporting ignored claims, unanswered phone calls, and lost paperwork for their claims.

BP spokespeople have acknowledged that the processing of large business claims needs to become more efficient and more responsive, but said there were already enhancements to the process that should speed things up soon.