Tenant-Friendly Online Tool Unveiled

Tenant-Friendly Online Tool Unveiled

Businesses looking to lease commercial space can easily compare the cost and value of potential sites with a tool accessible from the Commercial Real Estate Group of Tucson (CREGT). The new tool, Lease with Ease Calculator, offers easy access to lease analysis information without requiring complicated spreadsheets, says Tim DeNiro, an agent with the Tucson, Ariz., firm that represents tenants in commercial property transactions.

The calculator compares the economic impact that each lease proposal will have on a business, including average annual rent and operating expenses, average cost per square foot, and net present value. Plugging in numbers for rent and costs allows the calculator to provide essential information that helps tenants choose a location and negotiating terms.

“A negotiator who knows about how each proposal will affect the bottom line can be in the best position to get the terms that work well for the business,” says DeNiro.

CREGT assists corporate tenants and buyers in locating, negotiating, and leasing or buying business space in the Tucson area. The calculator is accessible from its website, www.tucson-tenant-representation.com.