Owner Barred from Operating Rental Properties

If you are having trouble with your landlord, you might want to file a complaint with your state’s Attorney General. Most people think their claims will go unaddressed, but that is not necessarily true. Just ask 50 tenants in Pennsylvania. After receiving over 100 complaints from residential and commercial tenants, the Pennsylvania Attorney General reached an agreement that permanently prohibited Cory Paul Johns from operating rental property or acting as a landlord in the state. The investigation conducted concluded that Johns, who was the largest landlord in DauphinCounty, violated the state’s Landlord Tenant Act and the Plain Language Consumer Contract Act. Johns illegally posted 50 notices in August 2008 instructing his tenants that they had to vacate his properties by September 15, 2008. Johns has already voluntarily turned over some of his properties to banks and sold the majority of his rental units. The agreement requires Johns to honor all lease terms on the remaining properties, address all maintenance issues, and continue providing all utilities until the rest of the properties are sold or the leases expire. Johns must also return $4,110 in tenant security deposits, pay consumer restitution for claims submitted within 90 days and pay an additional $5,000 in civil penalties.

Source: pennlive.com