It’s Back to School for Retail Tenants’ Employees

Tarzana, Calif.-based commercial real estate property-management and development firm NewMark Merrill Cos. is partnering with Fremont College to offer its retail tenants’ employees a corporate-training opportunity—to gain management, visual marketing, and business skills they can bring back to their shopping center employers. The partnership will help employees learn relevant retail-related skills alongside full-time college students.

The firm started the partnership to provide a unique opportunity for the company’s tenants and their employees, and the chance to create a bond between community members who will receive even better customer service from retailers whose employees are getting an education that will improve store operations. NewMark Merrill said in a statement that it takes its obligation to the communities it serves very seriously.

The firm said that with a sampling of various educational opportunities at its sites, it can provide tenants with additional ways to improve their business performance. The program will initially launch at multiple Southern California centers. NewMark Merrill concentrates on the acquisition, development, and management of shopping centers throughout Southern California and Nevada.


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