Follow Four Steps When Requesting Sublet, Assignment

Follow Four Steps When Requesting Sublet, Assignment

In general, an owner isn’t required to grant its consent to a sublet or assignment of a lease unless the lease specifies that the owner cannot unreasonably withhold its consent to such a request. Most property owners will respond promptly and take a reasonable business position. But what if yours intentionally prolongs the process, or relies on technicalities and broadly defined lease language to deny your request? Take these steps to avoid losing out on a sublet or assignment that’s crucial to your needs:

•             Scrutinize sublet and assignment clause

•             Review other relevant lease clauses

•             Include all required information in request package

•             Contact owner and its attorney personally

For more tips on exercising your assignment and sublet rights, see “How to Make a Successful Sublet/Assignment Request,” available to subscribers here.


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