Don't Use Colors in Lease Exhibits

January 18, 2012
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You may be tempted to make your lease exhibits more attention-grabbing by highlighting certain portions and referring to those highlighted portions elsewhere in the lease. Don’t make the mistake of using colors in your lease exhibits if there’s a chance that copies of the lease will be made on a black-and-white photocopier! The colors won’t show up on black-and-white copies, leaving anyone who receives these copies uncertain as to where color highlights should have appeared. And that uncertainty could lead to disputes between you and the owner over the items meant to be highlighted--especially if the original lease with the color exhibits is lost.

It’s better to highlight exhibits using designs or patterns. Cross-hatching, diagonal lines, x’s, and circles aren’t color-dependent and they’re easy to see in both color and black and white. But if you’re determined to highlight in color, make sure you copy the lease by using either a color copier or color scanner if you’re saving the lease as a computer file.