Determine Ahead of Time Whether Space’s Layout Meets Needs

July 19, 2012
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Having the space you are thinking of renting professionally laid out before signing a lease is a smart move. That’s because it can help you determine whether the space is right for you and your business before you commit to a lengthy lease term. Commercial real estate experts recommend hiring an architect, space planner, or interior designer to help you determine whether the layout of the space in a building will meet your business requirements. Otherwise, you may find out too late that the space isn't suitable for your needs.

The architect, space planner, or interior designer will examine and measure the space to determine how much of it is truly usable and how it should be apportioned for your office areas, cubicles, and other work stations, conference rooms, and kitchen areas. He'll also help you determine the space's inefficiencies and structural irregularities—such as sloped floors, which could cause big problems for your furniture and fixtures. The expert will also determine whether the building meets other criteria that you set—for example, if it provides adequate parking and security services.

How can you find a professional to help you evaluate the space? Ask other tenants to recommend a reputable architect, space planner, or interior designer in your area. But make sure that the professional you hire has experience working with your type of business, as well as the proper certifications.