Calif. Shopping Plaza Gets Green Makeover for Natural Foods Tenant

December 2, 2010
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LRG Capital Real Estate Partners I, an affiliate of LRG Capital Group, recently announced that it has signed a long-term lease with Good Earth Natural & Organic Foods for 20,000 square feet in the Fairfax, Calif., Fair-Anselm Shopping Plaza. The mixed-use center consists of approximately 66,000 square feet in four separate buildings located on 6.7 acres.

The free-standing supermarket building that Good Earth will move into is being extensively remodeled in a sustainable redesign that will include daylighting (the placement of windows allowing natural daylight to provide effective internal lighting), construction of a "clearstory" (high windows to bring in outside light and fresh air), water conservation, permeable asphalt, solar panels, and other ecologically sustainable concepts. Good Earth plans on being open for business in its “green” space by October 2011.

“LRG Capital Real Estate Partners I is looking forward to working with Good Earth, a wonderful local company, and the Town of Fairfax to renovate the property with a sustainable focus,” said the company's chief executive officer, Larry Goldfarb. “We believe that these improvements will fall in line with the community’s preferences and will serve as a great resource for the residents and business owners of Fairfax,” he added. LRG Capital Real Estate Partners I believes that the Good Earth lease is an important step in revitalizing the retail property that its parent company controls on nearby Center Boulevard.