Ask Insurer to Review Entire Lease Before You Sign It

Send the entire lease to your insurer before you sign it. Your insurer can then review and approve all the insurance-related sections of the lease and the coverage it requires you to have. If the insurer refuses to give you the required coverage, you'll be able to address that issue with both the insurer and the owner before the lease is signed. And you can avoid a coverage dispute if you later make a claim that the insurer refuses to honor.

It's risky for tenants to merely send the insurance section of their leases to their insurers for review, because other insurance-related provisions and requirements are likely to be scattered throughout the rest of the lease. For example, some sections of the lease—like the repairs and maintenance section and the environmental section—often require you to indemnify the owner under certain circumstances. If your insurer hasn't reviewed and agreed to these indemnifications, they may not be covered in your policies. Should a circumstance requiring indemnification later arise, the insurer may refuse to step in, leaving you holding the bag. Ask your insurer to review and agree to these other insurance-related requirements as well.


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