Ask Center’s Owner to Install Interior Attractions

No matter how well-planned your store’s appearance is, foot traffic will dwindle if the overall center isn’t aesthetically welcoming. Most shopping center owners and managers know the value of making the exterior of the property look well-maintained, usually through landscaping. But some may not realize that interior planning can increase visitors to the center and keep them there longer—resulting in increased sales.

Interior landscaping can create a more luxurious environment, while informal seating areas where shoppers can take a break, kid-friendly areas, and varied fast-casual dining choices make a center a destination for fun or relaxation. Two malls in Maryland and Florida are good examples of centers that attract and keep shoppers because of their amenities. Tampa’s luxury International Mall has a play area for kids located in a wing of the mall that has many children’s retailers; a North Bethesda shopping mall boasts a full-fledged indoor playground near an impressive food court.

Before making suggestions, check your lease to see whether new entertainment areas and landscaping are an expense that can be passed through to you and other tenants. But remember that the cost, especially if it will end up being minimal, could be worth it in sales.